Letís hear it for dry, sinking air

Thursday 25th July 2019

From west to east;

Dry sinking air continues to stifle tropical development across the reporting zone.

A cold front is currently stationary across the northern Gulf of Mexico and as often occurs with this type of event during the storm season, a small weak low pressure cell looks set to form in its tail. Steering currents would probably take any potential system to the north but in any event, development is unlikely due to dry air sinking across the Gulf - the antithesis to storm development. For now.

Disturbance Sixteen crossed the Lesser Antilles overnight and is headed west at 22 knots. This has some limited thunderstorm activity associated with it but further development is not expected due to dry, sinking air.

Disturbance Eighteen is now centred around 600 miles north east of the mouth of the Amazon. This has some heavy shower and thunderstorm activity associated with it but is set to hit a wall of dry and dusty air over the next few days as it tracks west at a pointless 28 knots, thus development is not expected.

Stand easy.