Atlantic disturbance battling dry sinking air

Wednesday 31st July 2019

Disturbance Twenty is crossing Hispaniola, headed northwest at 10 knots. This system is expected to be near the Bahamas on Friday night where there is a slight development window, but threatened with early demise by a frontal boundary approaching from the eastern seaboard on Sunday.

Weak Disturbance Nineteen is located a day and a half east of the Leeward Islands moving westward at around 10 knots. This is expected to remain weak as it tracks west. No development is expected.

Determined Disturbance Twenty One is a day west of the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 14 knots. Despite battling dry sinking air this is still producing some organised surface rotation and thunderstorm activity. If this survives the next couple of days, it could develop as it approaches the Lesser Antilles early next week.

Stand easy.