Sand continuing to dominate Atlantic air

Friday 2nd August 2019

From west to east,

Disturbance Nineteen passed the Lesser Antilles overnight and is moving west at around 18 knots. Upper level shear and excessive ground speed should see this off.

Outsider chance Disturbance Twenty One has opened out into an elongated trough centred around 550 miles north east of the mouth of the Amazon moving west at 15 knots. This continues to show some respectable surface organisation but is still battling dry air. This had been written off by the experts who, in fairness now look to be smarter than this old sailor and it looks set to remain weak as it tracks west to west-northwest over the next few days.

Disturbance Twenty Two is a day and a half west of the Cape Verde Islands, creeping west. This has some chance of becoming organised over the next week but like its predecessor will have to overcome dry, sinking air.

Stand easy.