Tropical storm DORIAN headed for northern Windward Islands

Sunday 25th August 2019

From west to east,

Rainmaker Disturbance Thirty is now ashore over southern Louisiana. This will track north-east sweeping heavy rain across the northern Gulf coast region but development is not expected

Disturbance Thirty One is centred around 160 miles east of Jacksonville moving slowly north-east. This will remain east of the eastern seaboard for the next few days. Environmental conditions ahead are favourable for tropical development and this could pose a storm threat to Atlantic Canada next weekend.

Tropical storm DORIAN is now 475 miles east-sou'east of Barbados headed west at 12 knots with maximum wind speeds of 40 knots. This has a hurricane severity index rating of just 2 out of a possible 50 points (1 for size, 1 for intensity) with a predicted maximum of 5 (2 for size 3 for intensity) and a very small wind field radius of just 35 miles. This will peak as it moves through the Windward Islands tomorrow night then weaken as it nears the Dominican Republic in three days' time.

Disturbance Thirty Two is now about a day west of the Cape Verde Islands moving west at 5 knots. This is showing some rotation but not much in the way of convection, possibly indicative of dry air entering the formation. This may not make it across the pond as things stand.

Stand by for weak tropical storm DORIAN across the islands of the eastern Caribbean.