DORIAN set for Florida landfall as a major hurricane

Thursday 29th August 2019

Extratropical depression ERIN is now centred around 350 miles south-sou'west of Cape Cod moving to the north-east at 20 knots. This feisty little cell will accelerate to the northeast and merge with a cold front later today producing locally heavy rainfall and strong winds across portions of Atlantic Canada and bullying some sailors otherwise won't have much impact.

Hurricane DORIAN is now around 130 miles north San Juan moving north-west at 10 knots with sustained winds of over 80 knots which will have an impact over the Bahamas over the next couple of days. Although there is a degree of uncertainty, all eyes would seem to be on DORIAN making a landfall as a major hurricane on Monday and then cross the peninsula and enter the north-east Gulf of Mexico next week.

Disturbance Thirty Three is a day west of the African coast moving west at 8 knots. Development is not expected.

Stand by for hurricane force conditions across the Bahamas and towards Florida.