DORIAN swansong over Atlantic Canada

Sunday 8th September 2019

Extratropical Storm DORIAN is now centred 400 miles north east of Halifax, Nova Scotia moving north east at a brisk 25 knots. This will dash across the Gulf of St. Lawrence and northern Newfoundland today. A rapid ground speed should minimise damage from gale force winds ashore before moving out to sea tonight.

Disturbance Thirty Seven is centred 290 miles north of the northern Leeward Islands moving west-nor'west at 7 knots. Conditions ahead are marginally favourable for some tropical development next week. Weather watch needed.

1200 miles west of the Azores, fish storm GABRIELLE is up and down like a fiddler's elbow, now up to tropical storm strength again and moving northwest at 12 knots. This will turn north then turn to the northeast early next week and pass well to the northwest of the Azores. No land impact expected.

Disturbance Thirty Six is now around mid way between the African coast and the Leeward Islands moving west at 13 knots. Thunderstorms and some surface rotation have increased over the past 24 hours and development prospects ahead are becoming favourable. Also on weather watch.

Stand by for gales across Gulf of St Lawrence & Newfoundland.