GABRIELLE staggering drunkenly in North Atlantic

Monday 9th September 2019

The last vestiges of DORIAN are all but done now, disappearing over Greenland.

Disturbance Thirty Seven is moving west at around 9 knots, currently centred around 120 miles north of Puerto Rico. Overnight, this seems to have lost virtually all shower and thunderstorm activity however the nominal centre is still showing some rotation. This may recover its shower and thunderstorm capability over the Bahamas in a few days' time and onward into Florida by the weekend, but little talk of development due to upper level shear.

Tropical Storm GABRIELLE is still lumbering about unpredictably like the town drunk, currently well clear of land some 1200 miles west of the Azores. This is still bothering sailors with winds in excess of 60 knots in place but with intensity varying almost hourly. It should not be too long before this erratic system sobers up, stabilises and accelerates north-east, the normal way home for spent systems at this time of the season.

Disturbance Thirty Six is centred around 750 miles north-east of the mouth of the Amazon moving west at 18 knots. This system is losing rotation and generally weakening. This may not reach the Caribbean, as things stand,

Disturbance Thirty Eight is slipping the west coast of Africa with high moisture levels and modest atmospheric rotation and conditions ahead and fairly favourable for development as it tracks west.

Aside from some discomfort for sailors west of the Azores, who have had plenty of time to avoid any unpleasantness from GABREILLE, we can all enjoy standing easy post-DORIAN.