Hurricane LORENZO at peak

Sunday 29th September 2019

A new disturbance is expected to pipe up in the western Caribbean tomorrow and follow a track to the west-nor'west and by Thursday or Friday, pitch up in the western Gulf of Mexico. The tarot card readers churning this stuff out expect it to have organised surface rotation, convection and moisture at this time with a good chance of tropical development. I really don't know where they get all this from. Maybe, maybe not, is about all we can say at this time.

Category 4 hurricane LORENZO is now 1340 miles south west of the Azores headed north at 8 knots. This is still a powerful beast and a slow speed over the ground is feeding the convection column very nicely. This is currently producing wind gusts touching 160 knots with a huge tropical storm force windfield of over 400 miles radius. Storms like this can't keep going indefinitely however and this is at peak now. LORENZO is likely to weaken before reaching the Azores by mid-week although may still have winds of 90 knots as it tracks near or over the western Azores.

Filthy days at sea otherwise stand easy.