LORENZO making mucky weather at sea

Monday 30th September 2019

The long-awaited disturbance in the north-western Caribbean would appear to be shaping up to introduce itself tomorrow. This is expected to move to the west-nor'west and slowly cross the southern Gulf of Mexico later in the week. I still don't see where the modellers are getting their intense disturbance/storm ideas from, but if this does pipe up I can see potential for heavy rain over the Gulf of Mexico by the end of this week but little else.

Category 2 hurricane LORENZO is now around 1,100 miles south-west of the Azores headed north-nor' east at 12 knots. This has weakened a little and will continue to do so but is still likely to be blowing a hoolie when it passes close west of the Azores late tomorrow night with 90 knot winds and some potential for misery ashore. Thereafter, all but two modellers have this accelerating to the north, well to the west of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. As is becoming an annual tradition, the Canadian guy has this headed for the UK and specifically the bit I live in. I'm getting the picture, thanks.

Mucky weather for fish and sailors in the central Atlantic and storm cones aloft over the Azores, otherwise stand easy.