Atlantic production line in full flow

Sunday 6th October

Unremarkable Disturbance Forty Four is now in the southwest Gulf of Mexico moving to the south-sou'west at 5 knots. This will move to the southwest, toward southern Mexico over the next few days without development. 

A number of plausible modellers are forecasting a disturbance appearing early next week between the Bahamas and Florida. This is expected to loaf about in the area for a few days with no firm expectation for intensity or track yet.

Disturbance Forty Seven has developed around 450 miles east of Barbados moving west at 18 knots. This will track across the Lesser Antilles on Monday night with heavy showers and thunderstorms but there are no signs of tropical development.

Disturbance Forty Five is now 600 miles east-sou'east of Bermuda moving to the east-nor'east at 12 knots. This motion should continue for the next couple of days before it interacts with a cold front to the north and form a new low pressure system. This is then expected to double back to the west with some renewed, albeit limited development prospects.

Disturbance Forty Six is close to the southwest of the Cape Verde Islands westbound at 12 knots. This motion should continue during the next few days but there are currently no signs of development.

Despite a busy production line, stand easy.