Heavy rainfall for northeastern seaboard

Wednesday 9th October 2019

Excited chatter continues over an anticipated low pressure system developing off the Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua in the next 48 hours. Despite the enthusiasm of the more gloomy forecasters, local conditions for development seem to be reducing and this looks less likely to produce anything menacing.

Disturbance Forty Nine is still loafing about, some 260 miles south-sou'east of Cape Cod. In around 48 hours time, this is expected to begin moving to the east to east-nor'east bringing moderate to heavy rainfall and localised flooding to coastal areas between Rhode Island and Maine on Sunday.

Disturbance Forty Five is slowly moving west over the Central Atlantic, well clear of land. This may have a development window to produce a tropical system, however this is likely to be brief and of little impact.

Disturbance Fifty is about a day west of the African coast, westbound at 13 knots. This is weak and likely remain so as it continues westward. No development is expected.

Stand easy.