Busy skies across the reporting region

Considering the nominal start of the season is June 1st and ARTHUR made an early debut, two active disturbances and one showing signs of forming is indeed a flying start.

Disturbance Two is now 2 is located about 90 miles east of Savannah headed north-nor'east at 12 knots and set to produce heavy rain as it crosses the Charleston area in about six hours. This hasn't shown much enthusiasm for development, although the Canadian guy has woken up today and decided that this will deepen into a weak storm before landfall. Irrespective of development, this will be a rainmaker for South and North Carolina and into Virginia.

Disturbance Three piped up well to the north-east of the Caribbean and is headed harmlessly north-west at a leisurely 7 knots. This has some warm water to draw upon and may develop over the coming weekend, but will only be of interest to fish and sailors.

While we don't usually report on matters in the Pacific, there is some uncertainty and speculation over some sharp pressure gradients forming which may jump the fence into the Bay of Campeche. Highly speculative of course, but without doubt this will produce very heavy rainfall with localised flooding for areas of central America over the coming weekend.

Stand by for heavy rain in South Carolina, otherwise stand easy.