Weak, brief BERTHA makes landfall in South Carolina

No sooner had I hit send on yesterday's report, Disturbance Two was upgraded to tropical storm BERTHA as had been predicted by the Canadian guy, which I had commented on with some amusement. I realise I am now exposed to him starting his own report with the occasional smirk at the British Chap, with some justification.

BERTHA's life as tropical storm was brief, only a matter of hours, making landfall 35 miles east of Charleston. This was a puny little storm at landfall with only 45 knot winds and a windfield of less than 25 miles. Nonetheless, this did produce strong coastal winds and heavy rain and localised flooding across the Carolinas and a large area of Virginia, eventually weakening to a remnant low overnight as it crossed into Ohio. Off radar now.

Disturbance Three piped up as anticipated, several hundred miles north-east of the Caribbean. Conditions are marginally favourable for development, however this will track to the north-nor' west, well clear of any land.

Pressure gradients across Central America continue to threaten storm development in the east Pacific some time next week. Storms rarely jump the fence into the Caribbean but this may push rising air into the Bay of Campeche. This is of course highly speculative, but will produce some serious rainfall across central America late next week.

Stand easy.