Storm spotters poised to name CRISTOBAL

Tuesdy 2nd June 2020

We have a strong depression in place which will become tropical storm CRISTOBAL the moment I hit ‘send'. ARTHUR did the same last month.

Tropical Disturbance Three spun off from the dominant trough across central America over the past few days. This slipped off the Yucatan peninsula into the Bay of Campeche overnight and deepened into a depression, moving west-sou'west at 5 knots towards southern Mexico. A US Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft is currently airborne and reporting upper level tropical storm force winds. Current indications suggest it may loaf about offshore for a day or two but by the hour, more analysis has this edging more to the north and perhaps as far as the coast of southern Texas. This has already brought flooding to areas of Guatemala and El Salvador, with loss of life unfortunately. Personally, I'd break out the response plans.

A second slug of low pressure is likely to be following on behind and seems also set to beef up by the weekend with potential medium- to long-term, speculative threat to the coasts of Texas and Louisiana next week.

Stand by for storm conditions in the far south-west Gulf of Mexico.