CRISTOBAL on final approach to Louisiana

Tropical storm CRISTOBAL is expected to make landfall around 50 miles west of the Mississippi with winds of up to 60 knots, a large windfield over a 260 mile radius and some coastal flooding. Maximum impact is likely to be from north through to east as far as the Florida panhandle. Currently 290 miles south-sou'west of the delta, CRISTOBAL is north at 12 knots, with a little more development up its sleeve and is expected to peak at landfall with a hurricane severity index rating of 10, (6 for size and 4 for intensity). Strong line squalls are already sweeping the offshore leases with winds reaching 50 knots in gusts. Fortunately this storm won't break any records for intensity, but does have the capacity to remain fairly well organised after landfall and may still blow a hoolie as far north as Arkansas and Missouri on Monday night into Tuesday.

Disturbance Five is bimbling along nicely in the southern Caribbean, not really threatening anyone. Currently 110 miles east of Bonaire, westbound at 8 knots. What little impact this is having is mainly astern of the nominal centre to the east with stormy squalls and heavy showers. Significant development is not expected.

Stand by for tropical storm conditions along the coast of Louisiana.