CRISTOBAL ashore and weakening

Monday 8th June 2020

Tropical storm CRISTOBAL made landfall late last night close to the west of the mouth of the Mississippi, over Grand Isle. An eleventh hour wobble and a slug of dry air took the edge off but still produced winds gusting 55 knots along the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama with a storm surge touching 6 feet in places. The heaviest rain fell along coast of southwest Alabama and the coastal Florida Panhandle. Overnight, CRISTOBAL weakened a little quicker than expected and is now crossing into southwest Mississippi as a tropical depression. The predicted track is now to move north-west across western Mississippi and into northern Louisiana this afternoon bringing heavy rain and gusty winds then weaken further over Arkansas and Missouri tonight.

Aside from some heavy rain and some spin-off tornadoes along the path of this dwindling cyclone, stand easy.