Letís hear it for upper level wind shear

Tuesday 16th June 2020

A busy day aloft, today. Two more new disturbances have formed but well under control with some lusty upper level wind shear. From west to east:

Weak Disturbance Ten has formed about a hundred miles off the coast of Georgia. This is expected to move north but upper level shear from the west will prevent meaningful development. Nonetheless, this is well placed to be a moderate rainmaker over the Carolinas and Virginia over the next day or two.

Disturbance Eleven has appeared about a day's steaming east of Trinidad, westbound at 13 knots. This will sweep a band of showers and thunderstorms across the Windward Islands over the next two days but is being kept in check by upper level wind shear.

Disturbance Eight is tracking west across the southern Caribbean moving west at a brisk 20 knots. This has formed bands of squalls across the Netherlands Antilles but will do little else under the influence of more upper level shear.

Disturbance Nine is now 2 days west of the Cape Verde Islands headed west at 16 knots. Our other welcome cyclone-development prophylactic, dry Saharan air is entering the convergence zone and creating development for the time being.

Despite busy skies, stand easy.