Westbound rainmaker passing Curacao

Thursday 18th June 2020

The nominal centre of Disturbance Eleven has just passed slightly north of Curacao, westbound at a brisk 18 knots. This is producing a wide sweep of heavy rain across the Netherlands Antilles and Venezuela, and looking ahead, will spread into central America over the next couple of days. Wind shear has had the better of this system and no development is expected.

Disturbance Nine is now centred around 500 miles north-east of the mouth of the Amazon, also making a good speed west at 18 knots. Aerial imagery is fairly uninspiring at present, but it is likely to pick up moisture as it approaches the Caribbean and bring heavy showers and thunderstorms to the Windward Islands this coming weekend.

Disturbance Twelve has slipped the African coast and joined the westbound conveyor belt, which is currently hampered by cyclone-suppressing Saharan air. When it loses the sand in a few days' time, upper level shear awaits, which will also hold development in check.

Stand easy.