The Canadian guy making rash forecast for southern Texas

Sunmday 21st June 2020

From west to east,

There is some chatter on the wires that a low pressure cell may develop towards the end of the coming week, coming off the Yucatan area into the Bay of Campeche. This is highly speculative of course, and it doesn't help that the Blind Sniper is all over this impacting the coast of Texas with a menacing forecast. Admittedly, conditions are favourable for development but this is too early to be making rash predictions.

Weak Disturbance Nine is westbound passing northern Colombia at a gallop as it races towards Central America without further development. This will bring rain and thunderstorms across the area but they will be short lived.

Far to the north, a weak non-tropical low has formed in the Atlantic some 350 miles east of the Outer Banks, and makes Disturbance Thirteen. This has an outside shot of development as it has found warm water but unlikely to interest anyone ashore.

Disturbance Twelve is now around 380 miles north of the mouth of the Amazon headed west at a brisk 30 knots. Saharan air, upper level shear and a ridiculous ground speed will prevent this organising.

Stand easy.