Whispers of a new disturbance for Florida later in the week

Tuesday 30th June 2020

From west to east;

There are whispers of a possible area of low pressure forming either in the far north-eastern corner of the Gulf of Mexico or across the Florida peninsula off the Atlantic coast. This is likely to head north-east without any significant development aside from heavy rain across Florida.

Disturbance Sixteen is now centred around 500 miles east of Barbados tracking a tadge north of west at 18 knots. This may sweep rain and the odd thunderstorm across the Leeward Islands late tomorrow but otherwise unlikely to have any significant impact.

Disturbance Seventeen is around 200 miles north-east of Disturbance Sixteen and has already curved away from the convergence zone, headed north-west at 18 knots. Aerial images show some busy cloud formations, but most of the muck and filth is displaced to the east of the nominal centre indicating upper level shear doing fine work. Development is not expected from this system either.

Stand easy.

Stand easy.

Stand easy.