Fish storm EDOUARD off like a whippet

Monday 6th July 2020

Disturbance Nineteen became Tropical Depression Five and then upgraded to Tropical Storm EDOUARD as it sprinted north of Bermuda. Now around 560 miles south-sou'east of Cape Race, Newfoundland and off to the north-east like a whippet, this has a little more energy and may deepen slightly but thereafter will burn out quickly at a cyclone-shredding 32 knots. This is a weak storm as storms go, with winds gusting 45 knots but a sizeable tropical storm wind field radius of 150 miles which may cause some mild unpleasantness at sea but good news for everyone ashore.

Sneak Disturbance Twenty is ashore and crossing the Florida panhandle, moving north-east at a leisurely 8 knots. This is expected to make its way across the south-eastern states before launching again on Wednesday over the Outer Banks, where storm fertile conditions may produce another fish storm. This is a rainmaker and likely to have an impact over a significant area of the eastern seaboard.

Disturbance Eighteen is now less than a day east of the Lesser Antilles moving a touch north of west at around 12 knots. As the system slips clear of the band of Saharan sand which has kept development at bay for the Atlantic crossing, there is a window for deepening, however wind shear is likely to take charge tomorrow. Irrespective of development, this will bring squally weather to the eastern Caribbean over the next day or so.

Some unpleasantness in the north Atlantic and rain for the south-eastern United States and Lesser Antilles, otherwise stand easy.