Wellingtons in North Carolina

Thursday 9th July 2020

From West to East;

Disturbance Eighteen is almost ashore along the Mosquito coast of Nicaragua now. This has a splintered array of thunderstorms around its nominal centre but lacks any surface organisation and is just about done and dusted.

Disturbance Twenty has a twinkle in its eye as it parallels the eastern seaboard. Currently 110 miles south-sou'west of Cape Hatteras, headed north-east at 10 knots, this has some potential. At the moment, maximum wind speeds are around 40 knots, which won't be bothering anyone ashore but the system is digging in and may become a weak tropical storm later today, or overnight. As this wheels along the coast, interaction with land should prevent significant development and winds along its track should not exceed say, 50 knots but it will fan out some quite strong squalls and produce some heavy rain along the eastern seaboard before finally beaching in the New England area on Saturday.

Disturbance Twenty One has appeared around 450 miles north-nor'east of the mouth of the Amazon. This is battling upper level shear which should keep a lid on it as it approaches the Caribbean.

Wellington boots needed along the eastern seaboard, otherwise stand easy.