Tropical storm FAY brushing eastern seaboard

Friday 10th July 2020

Disturbance Twenty dug in and became Tropical Storm FAY yesterday afternoon as it continued its coastal tour of the eastern seaboard. Now around 80m miles south of Delaware Bay northbound at 10 knots, this will reach New Jersey early this evening. Interaction with land is keeping this quite weak as it skirts the coast, at peak intensity now with a hurricane severity index rating of just 3 out of 50, 1 for size and 2 for intensity. Observed wind speeds of around 45 knots with the off 60 knot gusts are being reported and a fairly small tropical storm force windfield radius of 80 miles. Nonetheless, this will give a good blow as it passes New Jersey, Long Island and southern Connecticut over the next 24 hours, weakening as it does so. This is producing heavy rain and there is a strong possibility of local flash flooding.

Disturbance Twenty One is now around two days east of the Leeward Islands, headed west at 15 knots. Upper level shear is keeping a lid on development.

Stand by for tropical storm gusts and heavy rain from Delaware to Long Island.