ISAIAS continuing coastal sweep inshore of the mid-Atlantic seaboard

Tuesday 4th August 2020

ISAIAS booted up to a category 1 hurricane late last night before making landfall close to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina with maximum sustained winds of 80 knots with reports of 95 knots in gusts, and soon afterwards, weakened to a tropical storm. Currently 45 miles north of Jacksonville heading north-nor'east at a sprightly 22 knots, this is likely to be at peak now but even so, has a hurricane severity index rating of 5 out of 50 (2 for size and 3 for intensity) and a windfield of 130 miles. Interaction with land will weaken this but very strong winds and heavy rainfall with localised flooding will be unwelcome visitors as this bounces along inshore of the eastern seaboard into New England later, and expected to still be producing 65 knot winds passing New York City. As a seagoing storm, this has had its day. Not a peep out of the Blind Sniper who had this down for Cat 3 landfall near Galveston, by the way.

Disturbance Twenty Six has opened into a trough of low pressure, well to the east of the Bahamas. Showers and thunderstorms associated with this disturbance have become disorganised and weakened overall. A melee of steering currents aloft will cause a rather chaotic track for the next few days but intensity is unlikely to be of interest at sea or ashore.

Stand by for muck and filth ashore along the mid-Atlantic eastern seaboard and towards maritime Canada.