ISAIAS headed into Canadian north

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Having completed a destructive sweep of the eastern seaboard, extratropical storm ISAIAS is now 130 miles north of Quebec, well outside of our normal reporting area, heading heaven knows where, but generally north-west at a rapid speed which should shred what little organisation remains. Tropical storm force winds have ceased for the United States. This is still blowing 35 knots and bizarrely, still has a hurricane severity index rating of 2 (1 each for size and intensity) and a tropical storm force windfield of 115 miles. Nonetheless this is weakening and likely to be off our screens tomorrow.

Disturbance Twenty Six has opened up into a low pressure trough, running south of Bermuda. This has lost organisation and as it drifts south-west over the next few days, is likely to dissipate.

Aside from the Canadian north where the last scraps of ISAIAS will produce strong winds, stand easy.