Rainmaker BETA ashore in Texas

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

From west to east:

Tropical storm BETA is ashore now having beached over Matagorda Bay as a much reduced tropical storm. At landfall, this had a hurricane severity index rating of just 2 (1 each for size and intensity) with winds gusting 45 knots and a windfield radius (mainly to the north and east) of 70 miles. This is a rainmaker. Heavy rain from south-western Louisiana across south-eastern to the middle to upper Texas coast is to be expected with substantial bands in squalls likely to cause flash flooding. BETA is weakening and aside from areas of rain in industrial quantities, will have little impact otherwise

With Bermuda well astern now, Category One Hurricane TEDDY is morphing into a powerful non-tropical system. Despite being in the process of losing its tropical definition, this will still blow a hoolie as it accelerates towards Atlantic Canada. This is at peak with a hurricane severity index rating of 20 (14 for size and 6 for intensity) with maximum winds of 100 knots and a tropical storm force wind radius of over 350 miles, and expected to reach 450 at landfall. Currently 380 miles south of Nova Scotia, this is headed a touch west of north at 20 knots and high winds will begin to be felt ashore in a couple of hours from now. When the nominal centre reaches the Canadian coast in around 12 hours' time, its footprint is likely to extend across Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in entirety, as far as northern Maine. It is likely by then that the considerable ground speed and passage across cold water will have weakened this and taken the hurricane intensity out of it

The remnants of WILFRED are scattered loosely around 650 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. This is generally tracking north-west but not expected to develop.

Tropical Storm PAULETTE is currently about 450 miles south-east of the Azores producing winds of 55 knots. PAULETTE is expected to track east-nor'east over the next 48 hours before turning back to the west again but may weaken and dissipate in the meantime.

Stand by for hurricane conditions off the eastern seaboard as TEDDY approaches the Canadian coast and substantial rainfall in Texas. 

Image courtesy Jennifer Reynolds/The Galveston County Daily News via AP