TEDDY spreading out over Atlantic Canada

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

From west to east:

The scrag ends of BETA are ashore, the nominal centre passing between Houston and Galveston. This is headed east-nor'east at 5 knots, so is likely to run parallel to the coast for a day before it is pushed north east across central Louisiana. This is still producing heavy rain with thunderstorms and some localised flash flooding.

Subtropical storm TEDDY is close to landfall in Nova Scotia. Given this is a 400 mile radius storm, the term ‘landfall' is of less importance and refers only to the nominal centre. This has a hurricane severity index rating of 15 (10 for size and 5 for intensity) which is at peak. Damaging wind gusts up to 85 knots are being reported and heavy rain is falling across the entire region, but the heaviest impact will be over eastern portions of Nova Scotia today

It has been a good night for culling WILFRED, PAULETTE and newbie Disturbance Forty Eight have dissipated.

Stand by for tropical storm winds and heavy rainfall across Atlantic Canada.