TEDDY striding towards Greenland

Thursday 24th September 2020

From west to east;

Extratropical storm TEDDY is slipping the coast of Labrador and set to accelerate north-east towards Greenland where, if not before, the effects of a high ground speed and cold water will cause this to weaken and dissipate. This still has some shape to it with a hurricane intensity severity rating of 4 (2 each for size and intensity), a reduced footprint of a 255 mile tropical storm force radius and is producing winds gusting 60 knots. Since the worst excesses are to the east, this will only be of mild interest to sailors, fish and the odd puffin.

The impact of BETA is still being felt across the southern States, with the heaviest rainfall currently over Mississippi. We would normally stop reporting on cyclone activity once a system is firmly ashore, but this may become seaborne again on Saturday when it leaves the eastern seaboard.

Aside from the last breaths of TEDDY and BETA, for the first time in almost three weeks, stand easy.

Image courtesy RSPB publications