Rainmaker BARRY off radar. New movements in the Atlantic

The centre of what fragments of tropical storm BARRY remain are centred over Mexico City, thus off the interest-radar for us, however continuing to produce heavy rainfall over the State of Veracruz.

Tropical disturbance eight is little more than an open wave of low pressure now. This will head north-west across Cuba and the Straits of Florida over the next couple of days, but is very disorganised and likely dissipate as it moves across Florida.

A new fairly weak tropical disturbance designated nine is centred about a thousand miles north-east of the Amazon and moving west-nor'west at around 15 knots. This is little more than a low pressure wave and set a tad to the north of the convergence zone, so unlikely to organise or develop.

A second new disturbance has been spotted today – also just a tropical wave of low pressure at present – and moving west from the Cape Verde islands at around 15 knots, embarking on the slow Atlantic crossing. It is commendably perceptive of the professionals to have picked this one up so early. We first reported it six days ago. There's one behind it too.

Stand easy.