Two disturbances dissiupated overnight. One new cell in the eastern Atlantic

General picture at 1500Z 23nd June 2013

The two disturbances to the north of the region - eight over northern Florida and eleven over Virginia - dissipated overnight.

Tropical disturbance nine is now 300 miles east-sou'east of Trinidad and headed due west at 15 knots and is likely to continue to do so, skirting the northern coast of South America, without developing.

Tropical disturbance ten is an open tropical wave about 700 miles north east of the Amazon delta making a good 20 knots on a westerly heading. This is likely to curve a little to the north of west and make a peoper entrance to the Caribbean in around four days from now, bringing showers and thunderstorms over portions of the Lesser Antilles, but as yet, showing no sign of organisation.

The low pressure cell we observed on Friday over the African coast now appears to be shifting slowly seaward towards the Cape Verde Islands. This is not showing any signs of development at present and has yet to be commented on by any of the more reliable observers. Except for us, of course.

Stand easy.