Remants of CHANTAL bringing rainfall to the Carolinas

General overview 1700z 12 July 2013

The remnants of CHANTAL are centred around 480 miles south of Charleston, SC and moving north at 15 knots, bound for landfall over the Carolina coast on Sunday. Hopes of this recovering and developing into a decent system are fading rather quickly now. The greatest threat will be rainfall but even then, faily limited - just 1 to 3 inches of rain in the eastern parts of the Carolinas with isolated areas seeiing up to 5 inches.

Readers will recall disturbance fourteen which sprang out of nowhere in the south-central Atlantic and then disappeared over the Florida panhandle yesterday, We descibed this at various time as 'maverick', 'oddball' and unique. Well, not quite so unique now. Another low has appeared in the same place. Modellers are expecting an almost identical track as fourteen - to the Florida straits then up into the Gulf of Mexico, with only one crediting this with any powers of significant development. This is currently moving west at 10 knots with a track slightly south of due west likely during the next few days taking the system toward the Bahamas, the Florida straits and the Gulf of Mexico

Disturbance eighteen is now three days north of west from the Cape Verde Islands and looking to ending in mid-Atlantic anonymity.

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