Three disturbances but no development expected in the short term

General outlook 1400z 15th July 2013

After a brief Inshore appearance, disturbance nineteen beached harmlessly.

Disturbance eighteen is approaching Florida now and moving west at 15 knots and will then enter the northeastern Gulf of Mexico early tomorrow. This is expected to weaken slightly over the next day or two, then track westward along and south of the Gulf coast and move into southern Louisiana and Texas on Wednesday/Thursday. Despite the impressive itinerary. development is not expected however, it will bring enhanced showers and thunderstorms from the northwestern Bahamas across Florida over the next 24 hours, then from the northeastern Gulf of Mexico along the Gulf coast and northern Gulf waters tomorrow and Wednesday.

Disturbance seventeen continues to drift to the north of the convergence zone and may even miss the islands of the north-east Caribbean altogether as it presses west-nor'west at 20 knots. This disturbance is hardly discernible from aerial imagery now and not producing any thunderstorms. Conditions remain unfavourable for development.

Disturbance twenty is located is now about two days west of the Cape Verde Islands and moving west-nor'west at 20 knots. Conditions along its path are not favourable for development through the next few days.

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