Two disturbances making rain, but no development expected

General picture 1400z 19th July 2013

Disturbance twenty two is an upper low centred some 50 miles south of the Mississippi delta and moving west at 5 knots. There are no signs of surface organisation or any determined vertical convection, which would be essential for tropical development, however, the disturbance is likely to bring further showers and storms to southern Louisiana and south eastern Texas.

Disturbance twenty is centred just to the south of Haiti, moving west at 10 knots and has weakened further since yesterday's report. This is still likely to be the cause of scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms across Haiti, Cuba and the Cayman Islands for the next f24 hours but lack of organisation indicates that tropical development is unlikely.

Disturbance twenty three is dead centre of the Atlantic now, just a touch to the north of the convergence zone, and shuffling west-nor'west at 7 knots. This morning's satellite imagery shows further loss of meaningful cloud formations thus tropical development is not expected.

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