A new disturbance leaves the African coast

General picture 21st July 2013 1600z

Disturbance twenty two is now close to grounding in south eastern Texas albeit almost stationary at present. This should disappear in the next twelve hours although thunderstorms and widespread showers will continue for a little longer.

Disturbance twenty three is still moving west at 15 knots but no development is expected as it limps pathetically towards the north-east Caribbean. The only impact is expected to be enhanced trade winds, along with passing showers as this nears the Leeward Islands.

Disturbance twenty four has left the coast of Africa at 15 knots with a look of determination about it. This is early days but modellers have already tagged it and giving a range of completely useless probabilities on its development. This really needs to have a few days at sea before any realistic long term opinions can have any value.

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