No immediate development but some organisation off the African coast

General picture 23rd July 2013 1500z

There are only two disturbances of any interest today. Disturbance twenty three is in the north east Caribbean now and has opened up into a fairly unexciting wave of low pressure extending south across the eastern portion of Hispaniola and moving west at a 10 knots. There is still some residual upper-level wind shear in this region which will inhibit anything more than flash showers, heavy at times, and scattered thunderstorms over the next 48 hours or so.

The sub-Saharan engine room of low pressure systems is busy now. Disturbance twenty four is seaborne, two and a half days into the Atlantic and headed west at 10 knots. As far as the modellers are concerned, this is the only show in town albeit more of a village hall production than a Broadway extravaganza. This morning's satellite imagery shows some encouraging cloud circulation and there is a half decent chance that this could become a depression over the next day or so, but unfavourable conditions lay ahead and it is possible that this may weaken. Nevertheless, if this does prevail, on its current heading it will head for, or just skirt the north eastern Caribbean by next weekend.

A second low pressure cell looks set to join the trek to the west in the next 2 to 3 days.

Stand easy.