DORIAN remnants limping uselessly to the west

General overview 1300z 28th July 2013

What little remains of tropical storm DORIAN is now around 180 miles east of the north-east Caribbean. This has been downgraded and is a fairly useless low pressure without horizontal or vertical structure and will do little more than bring showers and scattered thunderstorms as it pushes on to the west at around 15 knots. This will pass north of Puerto Rico and Hispaniola and later into Cuba. Towards the end of the week, this is likely to make the Gulf of Mexico but lacking any determination to develop.

Just for the sake of numercial continuity, we report on a new disturbance - twenty seven - which has appeared close to Cape Cod. Unless this produces a rabbit from a hat and does anything spectacular before it disappears into the north Atlantic, we won't include this in our daily reports.

The disturbance we have been reporting on in the far east Atlantic for the last few days - and tagged by the experts yesterday as disturbance twenty-six - is now about a day west of the Cape Verde Islands and westbound at about 12 knots. Satellite imagees show a disappointing lack of surface organisation thus development is not currently expected.

Stand easy.