DORIAN determined to complete crossing, but without further development

General overview 1900z 29th July 2013

Disturbance twenty seven dissipated as expected. Hardly worth mentioning.

The remants of DORIAN are now centred loosely 165m north west of Puerto Rico with maximum winds just 30 to 40 knots. There has been much chatter over the past 24 hours of reorganisation and a new storm, but this seems unliikely as the system is still very disorganised. Satellite imagery shows the windfield is displaced away from the centre of rotation which indicates the presence of upper level wind shear and this may be the last straw for DORIAN which continues to weaken. The last knockings of DORIAN will pass through the Bahamas tomorrow and reach the Florida straits on Wednesday. Thereafter, it is likely to turn to the northwest into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Showers and thunderstorms can be expected in the Florida panhandle over the weekend. The experts tell me this won't then develop. Still warrants a weather eye in my view.

Disturbance twenty six is now two days steaming to the west of the Cape Verde Islands. There is no sign of circulation yet, so no development expected for now.

Stand easy