DORIAN continuing to weaken

General overview 1300z 30th July 20

The remnants of DORIAN are now just 600m south east of Miami on a westerly heading, making about 12 knots and still expected to enter the south eastern Gulf of Mexico via the Florida straits by Thursday. Thereafter, the system will turn to the north-west to north still aiming for the Florida panhandle. There is still evidence from satellite imagery of windfield displacement which indicates strong upper level shear and this is expected to continue to landfall. This morning, I have done the rounds of the modellers and tea-leaf readers - even the hard line catastrophists are not expecting DORIAN to resurrect inside the Gulf of Mexico, which surprises me.

Disturbance twenty six is now three days steaming to the west of the Cape Verde Islands, still lacking surface organisation, so no development expected for now.

Stand easy.