No short term development expected

General overview 1300z 2nd August 2013

Tropical disturbance twenty eight is now about mid way between southern Florida and the northwestern Bahamas. The trough is moving to the north-nor'west at 5 knots and is producing an area of thunderstorms over a wide area, but otherwise not showing any inclination for tropical development. This will turn to the north tonight, then accelerate into the Atlantic over the weekend.

Disturbance twenty nine is now one day west of the Cape Verde Islands, moving west at little more than walking pace. The disturbance is currently interacting with a very large mass of dry, dusty air thus no development is expected.

Another respectable looking low pressure cell looks to be getting steam up and preparing to leave the African coast, but until the cycle of Saharan air blowing across the convergence zone ceases, this too looks as if it will be a disappointment to the committed storm enthusiast.

Stand easy.