DORIAN has dissipated - again

General overview 1400z 4th August 2013

The disturbance that wouldn't go away - variously disturbance twenty eight/DORIAN - has merged with a messy frontal system about 300 miles east of the Carolinas and is now eastbound towards harmless anonymity. I really do think that's that.

Disturbance twenty nine is in the mid-Atlantic and still showing no signs of organisation and may even dissipate over the next 48 hours.

I referred to a messy frontal system earlier and, as occasionally happens at this time of the season, as these fronts move to the east, low pressure cells are sometimes created in their wake. This does look to be a possibility for the far north east of the Gulf of Mexico during the coming week. A few modellers have this tracking west towards Texas. I would urge caution in deciding a system's track when it hasn't formed yet. This is a model not a forecast.

Stand easy.