A solitary unimpressive system in the southern Caribbean.

General overview 2200z 9th August 2013

Disturbance thirty is now passing to the north of Lake Maracaibo on a westerly heading at 14 knots. This system has failed to overcome the effect of upper level shear from frontal systems over the southern US, and has lost some definition as a consequence. There is still some chatter between modellers that this could have an eleventh hour revival and track to the northwest, to enter the Bay of Campeche or southern Gulf of Mexico, but we think that is tenuous at best. Do remember that these are the same modellers who predicted a system developing in the north east Gulf of Mexico earlier this week and then stating with confidence that it would push west towards Texas. In your own time guys.

A fairly large low presure cell is gathering over the Cape Verde Islands with an eye to the west. We will maintain a weather watch.

Stand easy.