One new disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico development unlikely

General overview 1600z 10th August 2013

Disturbance thirty has weakened and accelerated slightly to 17 knots as it continues to the west and will probably land over the Panama Canal zone tonight. This will not now develop and will do little more than bring heavy rain and localised thunderstorms for the next 24 hours in its wake.

A new upper level low has formed in the centre of the Gulf of Mexico This has been tagged disturbance thirty one and is producing strong thunderstorms over eastern Mexico and the western Gulf. It is unlikely that this will have either the time or the energy to strengthen significantly before moving ashore as it moves west into Texas. The main impact will be showers and thunderstorms spreading across much of eastern and northeastern Mexico, deep South Texas and much of the far western Gulf through the weekend.

Aerial images of conditions aloft over the Cape Verde Islands show a bit of a mess and it is hard to see, but possible that an organised westbound disturbance may become seaborne over the next few days.

Stand easy.