Four active systems but no imminent development.

General overview 2200z 18th August 2013

The residual westbound part of disturbance thirty three is almost ashore now, centred just a little to the south of the Mexican border. This, combined with some messy high-altitide frontal business over south eastern Texas will provide heavy rain in places, but as a potential for development, this has had its chances, I'm afraid.

Disturbance thirty five is now around one day's steaming to the east of the Caribbean and headed west at 12 knots. A turn to the north west is imminent. Conditions are unfavourable for development.

Tropical depression - note the demotion - ERIN is now around four days steaming to the west Cape Verde Islands and still plugging away at a westbound track and around 6 knots. Maximum sustained winds are just 30 knots - little more than a stiff breeze really. There are no thunderstorms associated with ERIN and conditions (described poetically by the US Navy this evening as 'regeneratively hostile') are expected to remain unfavourable for any strengthening .ERIN will weaken and soon

The disturbance we picked up yesterday has now been spotted by the sharp-eyed professionals and tagged disturbance thirty-six. This has joined the westbound party at around 12 knots. This may strengthen but most forecasters have this down as drifting left of track into dry air again and weakening.

Stand easy