Two weak systems failing to organise

General overview 1400z 21st August 2013

Disturbance thirty five had a spirited attempt at forming thunderstorms in a patch of rising dry air overnight as it passed to the north of the Netherlands Antilles, but lost interest again at sunrise. This is now headed west-nor'west at 12 knots and unlikely to develop.

In the east-central Atlantic, disturbance thirty–six has also tried to show some grit, however the little surface circulation evident is utterly wasted in dry air. This is moving west at 13 knots but has slipped to the north of the band of lush, moist air and is unlikely to develop.

A decent size low pressure cell is gathering forces over central Mauretania/eastern Senegal and likely to slip its moorings and head west in the next 24-36 hours. Unless this defies most of the laws of science and shifts to a more southerly latitude, this too will hit a frustrating wall of airborne sand.

Stand easy.