The remnants of GABRIELLE and disturbance forty seven unite into a weakened single system

General overview 1600z 6th September 2013

Disturbance forty six is just off the coast of Mexico and shortly beaching. Until then, there is slim chance that it could briefly become a tropical depression. Regardless of any development, squally conditions are occurring along the coasts of the Mexican states of Tamaulipas and Veracruz and adjacent areas of the southwestern Gulf and Bay of Campeche.

The remains of GABRIELLE and disturbance forty seven have finally consummated their mutual attraction in a frenzy of meterological passion, just to the north of the eastern end of the Dominican Republic. Both energy and organisation have been lost during the course of their exhausting coupling and it is a weakened system that now heads to the north-nor'west at a languid post-coital 4 knots. Conditions are not particularly favourable for redevelopment however, there is a chance that in 3-4 days the combined system could revive its ardour and redevelop as it moves to the north east but by then will probably be Atlantic-bound and clear of the eastern seaboard. In the meantime, a few squalls are lingering near and just to the east of the Virgin Islands and intermittent heavy showers and associated thunderstorms continue across the entire joint windfield.

Disturbance forty eight is about three days west of the Cape Verde Islands, moving west at 7 knots. Aerial images show this system trying to organise in dry air, which is a hopeless task and reduces development chances considerably.

Disturbance forty-nine is not yet seaborne, still ashore over over West Africa but already showing sufficent promise to be given a disturbance number and may orgamise quickly as it passes the Cape Verde Islands.

Stand easy.