INGRID ashore HUMBERTO aroused again and a new disturbance in the Caribbean

General overview 1500z 16th September 2013 from west to east -

Observers ashore report that INGRID made a landfall near La Pesca, Mexico shortly before 1200Z. At the time of beaching, INGRID was just below hurricane strength and began dissipating immediately. INGRID will continue to produce torrential rain across eastern and central Mexico and is stll capable of causing life-threatening flooding and land slides.

A new disturbance fifty two is an area of disturbed weather in the northwestern Caribbean close to the eatern coast of the Yucatan peninsular, moving west at about 3 knots. Development is not expected over the next 48 hours as it moves generally to the west however, this may find its way onto the Bay of Campeche in a few days time where, depite the turbulence caused by INGRID and upper level shear from MANUEL, development propsects remain positive.

Disturbance forty eight continues to skulk around in the eastern Atlantic - now around 500 miles east of the Florida straits and moving west-nor'west at 12 knot,s but weakening as it does so and is likely to dissipate over the next few days to the east of the Bahamas.

HUMBERTO has deep convection and good solid surface ornanisation, and is back to tropical storm strength - now centred around 1000 miles south west of the Azores and headed west-nor'west at about 10 knots. This cycone will soon turn to the north and then accelerate to the north east and eventually spread some good cheer to far north Atlantic including the British Isles. Great.

Disturbance fifty one is a tropical wave about one day west of the Cape Verde islands. Development is not expected as it moves to the west at about 12 knots.

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