Five active low pressure systems, but without signs of imminent development

General overview 12100z 27th September 2013, from west to east

Disturbance fifty eight is little more than a blob of disorganised showers and storms in the extreme southwestern Caribbean, centred loosely midway between Lake Maracaibo and Panama. This will move at walking paced to the north-nor'west for the next few days and may develop as it does so before reaching Cuba in around 5 days from now. It may spread showers and storms over the eastern Gulf before turning north-east over Florida. There is a slim chance of development next week although water close to western Florida is markedly cooler than the rest of the Gulf at the moment and this will inhibit convection.

A non-tropical low has formed a few hundred miles off the far southeastern United States. The low is expected to develop gale force winds as it moves north-northeastward, paralleling the U.S. East Coast while remaining a few hundred miles offshore. The low is not expected to develop tropically.

Disturbance fifty six is a very weak tropical wave within a days steaming of the Caribbean and is moving to the west-nor'west at 14 knots. Development is not expected and it should only produce a few showers as it moves over the islands of the eastern Caribbean over the next 24-36 hours.

Disturbance fifty seven is about 1000 miles east of the Caribbean and moving to the northwest at 15 knots. A gradual turn to the north should keep it to the north east of the Caribbean.

Disturbance fifty nine is a tropical wave which has just left the African coast and is moving west at 12 knots. At present, development is unlikely.

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