No imminent threat to the reporting area

General outlook 8th October2013 from west to east

Disturbance sixty two is located about 320 miles south-sou'east of Bermuda, almost stationary. However, a slow northward motion is likely to begin later today. The disturbance is expected to remain east of Bermuda and not directly affect any land areas.

Disturbance sixty three has formed south of the Cape Verde Islands and is moving to the west at 12 knots. A turn to the north west is likely during the next few days. This should take the system north of the Caribbean early next week. The disturbance currently consists of a disorganised area of showers and storms. Any development is expected to be slow.

Disturbance sixty one is in the eastern Caribbean and is moving to the west at 10 knots. Most of the squalls associated with the disturbance have dissipated and the chance of development is decreasing.

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