One new disturbance in the central Atlantic

Today's weather chart of the Gulf of Mexcio and eastern seaboard continues to show a robust network of defensive fronts, however these are fast moving and can still offer openings for the opportunist late season cyclone.

Disturbance sixty three presses on against upper level shear. Curently centred around 500 miles north of the Amazon and moving slightly north of west at 12 knots, the chances of this developing are narrowing. It is expected to pass north of the eastern Caribbean then turn north passing north of Puerto Rico next weekend.

A new disturbance sixty four is about two days astern of sixty three and a little to the south, moving west at 8 knots. The disturbance has a low level circulation centre, but is poorly organised and conditions along its path are not favorable for strengthening. Little change is expected over the next 2-3 days as it continues west, with weakening expected by Thursday.

Stand easy.