A flurry of activity across the reporting area

General overview 1500z 14th October 2013 from west to east –

A flurry of activity across the reporting area has interrupted an early bout of snoring from a small wooden shack, somewhere in the frozen wastes of northern Canada.

Disturbance sixty three is grinding to a halt about 600 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. This is moving to the west-nor'west at 12 knots. Upper level wind shear is really knocking the stuffing out of this. It may cause a slightly enhanced chance of showers and storms over the northernmost Leeward Islands by Wednesday or Thursday.

Disturbance sixty four is located 1600 miles east of the southern Windward Islands, moving slightly north of west at 15 knots. Although conditions are marginal, some slow development is possible over the next few days as it passes north of the Caribbean, but it could be near Bermuda in about a week.

Disturbance sixty five is a surface trough associated with the northern end of a tropical wave interacting with the tail end of a cold front around 600 miles south west of Bermuda. This disturbance will be merging with a frontal zone to the northeast of Bermuda and unlikely to impress anyone.
Finally, disturbance sixty six is a weak tropical wave just to the west of the Cape Verde Islands, moving west at 15 knots. Development for the next few days.

Stand easy.